Gabriel Teodros: Writer & Activist Visits BC

The book cover of "Octavia's Brood"

On May 23, author and activist Gabriel Teodros visited Bellevue College campus to share music from his newest album, Evidence Of Things Not Seen and discuss Afrofuturism. The album title references James Baldwin’s non-fiction reporting of the Atlanta child murders that happened from 1979-1981. Gabriel explored this cultural trauma through Afrofuturism — an inclusive cultural aesthetic that centers speculative music and fiction created by peoples of African descent.

Teodros was born and raised in Seattle, Washington during the rise of Northwest Hip-Hop, and has collaborated with producers and emcees from around the industry such as J-Dilla, Blue Scholars, Macklemore, and Seattle Hip-Hop legend Vitamin-D. A huge proponent of the Northwest Hip-Hop movement in the early 2000’s, reached an international audience with his critically acclaimed 2006 solo-project, Lovework.

In an interview with The Find Mag, Teodros said, “The inspiration is my life as well as every community I come from… Hip Hop, South Seattle, the Central District, Ethiopia, East Africa… etc. I wanted to model the kind of man i never had to look up to growing up… to redefine black masculinity in ways that challenge and reject patriarchy…”

Author and activist Gabriel Teodros
Gabriel Teodros (center) explored “The Evidence of Things Not Seen” in the Carlson Theatre.

Teodros eventually transitioned into creative writing in 2015 with the release of his science-fiction/social justice fusion novel, Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements. The book deals with the connections between the concept of visionary fiction and social justice movements spanning across multiple genres. He went on to graduate from Clarion West Writer’s Workshop for Speculative Fiction.

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Last Updated May 24, 2017