Healthcare is a Top Job Producer

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Healthcare is a Top Job Producer

If you are looking for a career path with a healthy future, consider a career in healthcare. According to the Department of Labor, healthcare employment continues to trend up. In 2016, healthcare added 374,000 jobs nationally.

Bellevue College has long been a leader in healthcare education. BC’s well-respected nursing program has been around for nearly five decades and continues to be in high demand. As new healthcare treatments and technology have been developed, Bellevue College has been on the cutting edge of developing new programs and classes to provide training to keep up with the ever-evolving healthcare industry.


Image of the T Building for the virtual tour
Explore the nursing lab in the T Building

Our new state-of-the-art Health Sciences Building has labs for nursing, radiologic technology, radiation therapy, neurodiagnostic technology – the only one of its kind in the region, and phlebotomy lab in addition to classroom, lecture and meeting space and health sciences faculty offices.

Healthcare is a field that has many career options and BC has multiple programs to select from. Each focuses on providing excellent education and training for many professions in healthcare, education, and wellness. Many of our programs offer opportunities to obtain a variety of degrees and certificates to meet the most critical workforce needs in the region, Washington state and the nation.

In a hurry to get to work? You can obtain a certificate in Phlebotomy Technician, Medical Lab Assistant or Medical Administrative Assistant in four quarters. Or, get an associate degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiation Therapy, or Neurodiagnostic Technology in two years, or a bachelor’s degree in one of several healthcare specialties, including Radiation and Imaging Sciences, Health Promotion and Management, Healthcare Informatics, and Molecular Biosciences.

Top 5 Industries with most job openings*

America’s healthcare industry has experienced rapid job growth in the past few years. Today it dominates the list of most job openings in America, according to a recent report by The figures below represent U.S. job openings in November 2016.

IndustryJob Openings*
Professional and business services (includes high-tech positions)984,000
Retail trade653,000
Accommodation and food services643,000
Finance and insurance268,000

*Excluding state and local government

Source: Glassdoor Economic Research

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Last Updated June 22, 2017