OLS Students Explore Mindful Eating

An OLS student attending an info session

In the OLS Mindfulness course, students study how Mindfulness can be applied to various aspects of their daily lives. Using Mindfulness techniques can improve well-being and health in many ways, such as calming down before a stressful event, scanning the body for tension to help us fall asleep, controlling emotions by labeling them, and using the breath to find ways to respond more appropriately rather than reacting emotionally.

An OLS student sitting in classroom with a paper plate filled with veggies.

During one class session, students practiced how to be mindful about eating. Simple steps such as slowing down and focusing on our eating can help people have a healthier relationship with food and enjoy food more. During this class time, students discussed the journey the food item took to get to their plates, observed how their bodies felt, and savored the texture, aroma, and flavors. Students also worked to be in the moment by turning off devices and being fully present and practiced being non-judgmental and compassionate towards themselves. All of these steps can help students to be aware while eating instead of just mindlessly munching.

It was a fun and engaging learning day enjoying mango, veggie sticks, and chocolate!

Mindfulness is taken in the first year of the OLS program and is one of the many courses students take to earn their associate degree. Students in this course learn the experiential foundations of mindfulness.

Occupational & Life Skills (OLS) is an associate degree program at Bellevue College for students with learning disabilities. In our uniquely supportive skills-based program, students apply academic knowledge through community activities, service learning, and social experiences. Students identify a career pathway, gain marketable, workplace-ready competencies, develop better interpersonal skills and complete an internship in alignment with their career goals.

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Last Updated December 15, 2022