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US to erase student debt for those with severe disabilities | Fox 13

"Student loan debt wiped clean for over 300,000 people with disabilities."

‘We can’t train them fast enough’: Nurse shortages persist as delta variant drives more COVID-19 cases | King 5

"An instructor at Bellevue College says she's getting a high number of nursing applicants, but can’t train them fast enough to meet the demands of the pandemic."

Most Washington state community colleges will require students to get COVID vaccines this fall | Seattle Times

"Bellevue announced Friday that 50 students who were eligible each received a scholarship of either $250 or $400 for the fall quarter. To spur the unvaccinated, the Bellevue College Foundation dangled the $400 for students to get a first shot between July 1 and 22."

What Does It Mean to Be an Autism-Supportive Online College? | EdTech

"To effectively communicate with autistic students, here’s what IT teams need to understand to be inclusive."

Bellevue College Announces Vaccination Scholarships | 425 Magazine

"If you are a Bellevue College (BC) student, it’s your lucky day. BC has announced a new way to encourage students to get vaccinated before the fall of 2021: student scholarships. "