Healthcare is a Top Job Producer

Career Connection Providing Bellevue College students with career exploration, job search tips, opportunity alerts, and industry updates.   Healthcare is a Top Job Producer If you are looking for a career path with a healthy future, consider a career in healthcare. According to the Department of Labor, healthcare employment continues to trend up. In 2016, …more about Healthcare is a Top Job Producer

Unmute the Commute: Rainier Ave, 1.5 Accidents a Day. No More. – KBCS Report

Do you know what the most dangerous street in all of Seattle is? Chances are you’re thinking of Aurora, or maybe Lake City Way. But you may be surprised to learn that it’s Rainier Ave S. And, you may be even more surprised to learn how extensive the problem is – on average, there are 1.5 traffic collisions each day on Rainier Ave S. On today’s Unmute the Commute, this is Part 1 in a 2-part series. Today, walk with us down Rainier Ave. Produced by Hebah Fisher.

Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib to speak at Bellevue College commencement

Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib

Lt. Gov Cyrus Habib will address graduates as the keynote speaker for Bellevue College’s annual commencement ceremony on Friday, June 16, in Seattle’s Key Arena. “Ever since I took math and science courses at Bellevue College as a high school student, I have been gratified to see BC’s continual effort to expand opportunities for an …more about Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib to speak at Bellevue College commencement

Karaoke and Bubble Tea Brings in Killer Crowd

The Asian-Pacific Islander Association held their Karaoke and Bubble Tea event on May 18th and found themselves with quite a large turn-out. Free bibimbop sushi and boba tea provided by Over The Rainbow Tea Bar were available for audience members. The event was one of many hosted at Bellevue College for API month.

Stepping Out of the Binary: Interview with BC’s Mural Artist

Artist Renaise Kim displays her painting.

On January 18, submissions for a new mural on Bellevue College’s campus opened, bringing in dozens of original student concepts. All artwork was focused around the themes of “Unity,” “Building a Better Future,” “Sustainability,” and/or “Hope.” Renaise Kim was the design winner. We sat down with Kim in order to get a better understanding of …more about Stepping Out of the Binary: Interview with BC’s Mural Artist

Unmute the Commute: Ramadan Stories- KBCS Report

Ramadan, the month where Muslims fast, is May-June this year. For this week’s Unmute the Commute, we tagged along with some fasting Muslims for their daily commute to the mosque for dinner and prayers. Produced by Hebah Fisher.

Unmute the Commute: The Night Owls – KBCS Report

Washington state has the fifth largest homeless population in the country, at about 20,000 individuals as estimated in 2016. When night comes, there are few places where housing insecure individuals can go to keep warm. Especially in the colder months, buses often provide warmth and dry shelter for a few hours. Today on Unmute the Commute, The Night Owls. Produced by Hans Anderson.