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Classical Guitarist Naeim Rahmani Looks For Commonalities Between Iranians And Americans

Naeim Rahmani

Naeim Rahmani is unusual in the world of classical guitar. He began formal lessons at age 22, an age most serious players had already been practicing for up to 4-5 hours per day since their mid-teens. Rahmani, on the music faculty at Bellevue College, is one of three guest soloists at the Classical Mandolin Society of America Convention in Normal, Illinois.

Bellevue College Faculty get Educated on Salmon

A group of BC faculty at salmon retreat

Bellevue College made a determination to delve deeper into topics surrounding salmon – sourcing, sustainability, and production – with its RISE Learning Institute retreat, which offered faculty the chance to better understand salmon.

Colleges Help High School Students with Autism Reach Higher Education

A hand holding colored blocks in shape of a heart

The transition from high school to college is challenging for any recent graduate, but students with autism have additional obstacles that colleges and universities are trying to help them overcome. Sara Gardner, director of Autism Spectrum Navigators at Bellevue College, says that 80 percent of social expectations are learned nonverbally by neurotypical people.

Bellevue College rallies for higher education funding

BC staff and faculty rally for higher education funding

Community and technical colleges across the state are frustrated with legislative inaction on investment. Bellevue College (BC) was one of the 11 schools that participated in a week of action, calling for the Legislature to invest in community and technical colleges for the sake of students, employers and the community.

Sports and their impact subject of museum lecture

Eric Davis, associate professor

“What Do Sports Teach Our Kids?” will be the focus of the lecture by Eric Davis, associate professor of sociology at Bellevue College. The lecture “is really focused on this idea of how sports shapes society,” Davis said.

BC’s Autism Spectrum Navigators program cited in Seattle Times story

Beth Sigall, a Lake Washington parent whose son now attends the Autism Spectrum Navigators program at Bellevue College, said she hopes to solve a deeper cultural problem. In Olympia, lawmakers are tackling an issue they’ve largely ignored: Education for students with disabilities.

In the Field: Conversations With Our Contributors–Martha Silano

Poet Martha Silano

I’ve been admiring hummingbirds since I was a kid. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to view them in the wild, and I’ve spent time researching their feats of strength and gorgeous names. I’d been meaning to write a poem about them. Finally got around to it.

Bellevue’s KBCS shines light on unrepresented voices

Iaan Hughes of KBCS 91.3

Iaan Hughes of KBCS 91.3 recalls the many changes that the radio station, located on Bellevue College’s campus, has undergone. The college radio station was formed during the politically turbulent 1970s.