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BC Faculty Featured in 425 Business

Liz Hollerman

For 15 years, Liz Hollerman worked as a 3D artist and animator for the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, and some independent gaming companies. Most recently, she worked for Turn 10 Studios in Redmond. She built a successful career — but still, something was missing. Hollerman always felt driven to help people, and teaching part-time filled …more about BC Faculty Featured in 425 Business

Bellevue College hosting Jan. 16 symposium on aging

At a time when seniors of all ages seek ways to push back the process of aging and are coming to understand that retaining muscle strength and function is important to that goal, a symposium on “optimal aging” is scheduled at Bellevue College this month.

Bellevue College premieres new television show

A group of women

Bellevue College (BC) recently premiered its new television show, “Influential Women of Washington State” (IWOW). The television show, spearheaded by adjunct marketing professor Kela Hall, focuses on issues facing women in the workplace, on boards of directors, as well as gender equity and popular topics like gun violence, bullying and men as allies.

KBCS Featured for Hawaiian Music Program on KHON2 TV Show

Logo for KBCS 91.3

KBCS and its Hawaiian music program were recently featured in a prime time TV special on Hawaii’s KHON2. Hosts Sam Choy and John Veneri ventured into the Pacific Northwest for an episode called “Sam Choy’s To Go: Seattle to the Max.”  (segment starts at 14:42)

BC’s Dr. Jillene Grover Seiver Weighs in on Multitasking

Dr. Jill Seiver

If you love to spend your free time playing Fortnite or trying your hand at the newest gaming app, then you just might be training your brain to multitask more effectively, according to Dr. Jillene Grover Seiver, a senior lecturer at Bellevue College who researches memory and decision-making.

BC Support Programs Highlighted in Seattle Times Article

Joey Wilson

Here’s a surprising statistic: In 2016, only about 22 percent of students who received special education services when they graduated from Washington’s high schools enrolled in college one year later. Yet most special-needs students have an average or above-average IQ.

How a BC Filmmaking Alum Became the Sound Mixer for ‘La La Land’

Performers in 'La La Land'

2016’s La La Land brought sound mixer Steve Morrow many accolades, pretty much ever since director Damien Chazelle’s throwback rom-com musical exploded onto the awards circuit two years ago. Morrow’s honors for the film have included the CAS award (Cinema Audio Society), a BAFTA nod and an Academy Award nomination for Best Achievement in Sound …more about How a BC Filmmaking Alum Became the Sound Mixer for ‘La La Land’