Admission Guidelines

This is a selective admissions program. You must apply to the college and also to the program. Interviews will be held to determine the best candidates. Prerequisites must be completed by the time the program commences; you may apply if you are still finishing them, but preference may be given to those who have completed all prerequisites at the time of application.

Qualities considered in the acceptance process:

  • Understanding of nuclear medicine and the job functions of a nuclear medicine technologist
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Interview performance
  • GPA in prerequisite courses
  • Educational attainment
    • Bachelor’s or associate degree preferred
  • Completion of prerequisites
  • Work/volunteer experience
    • Prior health care experience preferred
    • Certifications in other allied health fields is a plus
  • Personal statement
  • Completion of application requirements (reference letter from employer, 2 observations)

What are my chances of being accepted?

Because this is a selective admissions program, your chances depend on the quality of the applicant pool in the year that you apply. It is impossible to pinpoint any one quality that puts accepted candidates above those who are not accepted, although the above list is in approximate order of priority. If you are not accepted you may re-apply; reapplicants are often accepted into the program, as can be seen in the table below.

Applicant Data20172016201520142013
Number of Applicants1115151018
Number Accepted98767
Number of Alternates11321
Alternates Admitted1n/a111
Number of Re-applicants13121
Number of Re-applicants Accepted12011

Last Updated June 21, 2016