ADN Six-Quarter Program

This program is designed for students who would like to complete the program in a six-quarter, or full-time format. Typically classes and labs are offered during the day. Clinical hours may vary depending on a facility’s schedule availability. New students start in fall or winter quarter only and do not take nursing classes during the summer quarters. Current course descriptions, including former course numbers, can be found online with the quarter schedules. If you started prior to fall 2017, please go to the course sequence list below the table.┬áIf you haven’t previously completed ten credits of approved humanities, you will need to take those in addition to the nursing classes in order to graduate.

YEAR 1  
NURS 120: 6 creditsNURS 122: 6 creditsNURS 124: 6 credits
NURS 121: 6 creditsNURS 123: 6 creditsNURS 125: 6 credits
Humanities course if needed: 5 credits
YEAR 2  
NURS 252: 3 creditsNURS 254: 4 creditsNURS 260: 3 credits
NURS 253: 2 creditsNURS 255: 5 creditsNURS 261: 4 credits
PSYC 260: 5 creditsNURS 256: 2 creditsPHIL 263: 5 credits
Humanities course
if needed: 5 credits
NURS 257: 1 credit


Last Updated October 9, 2018