ADN Application Instructions

Please read the following application guidelines and instruction.

Full-Time Option:

Part-Time Option:

Application Process

Step 1: Complete Online Application

 When completing the A.D.N. application, please:

  1.  Click on application link above.
  2.  Create a Membership Account
  3.  Complete the first page, hit continue, then close (do not continue after the 2nd screen).  If you are prompted to pay $34, you have gone too far.
  4.  Go back to the A.D.N. Application website. Click on the application link again.  Log in. This will take you directly into the Associate Degree Nursing Application. At the end of the application, you will pay $40.

       ** You only need to apply to Bellevue College (pay $34) if you are taking additional classes.

Please complete the following sections:

  • Part I – Student Biographic Info
  • Part II – Citizenship & Residency
  • Part III – Education
  • Part IV – Associate Degree Nursing Program Application
  • Part V – Pay $40 non-refundable application fee

Note: Applications will not be processed until this fee has been paid.

Step 2: Submit Documents and Records Required for Admission

ADN Admission Requirements  must be post-marked by the application deadline.  We will not accept faxes.

Bellevue College Associate Degree Nursing Program

ATTN: ADN Admission Committee

3000 Landerholm Circle SE, R130 (effective June 25 2015 office changes to T208)

Bellevue, Washington 98007-9484

Note: Background check report is not required to apply. You will be asked to run/pay for it if you are admitted to the program.

Step 3: Submit Transcripts to the Evaluations Office

Submit official college/university transcripts to the Bellevue College Evaluations Office.

Bellevue College Evaluations Office

ATTN: Nursing Program Admission

3000 Landerholm Circle SE, B125

Bellevue, Washington 98007-9484

Step 4: Interview

The applicants may have an interview with the committee and nursing faculty.

Application Decision Notification

Applicants for the Full-Time program will be notified in early May of admission to fall, winter, alternate list or not qualified. Applicants for the Part-Time program will be notified in December/January of admission to the program, alternate list or not qualified.