ADN Clinical Onboarding

**Forms should not be double sided or stapled.  Please place clinical forms in the Nursing Drop Box in T208 on or before deadline unless noted otherwise.**


STEP 1:  Complete Evergreen Information Form and email to Clinical Coordinator.
STEP 2:  Go to link below and review and complete pre-orientation student requirements.

  • All  forms must be brought with you to orientation.


STEP 1: Review Nursing Student Information packet
Step 2: Complete Orientation Requirements packet
Step 3: Submit completed forms to Clinical Coordinator. Do not submit to clinical site.

Note: A reminder that parking continues to be an issue. Please do everything possible to carpool.


STEP 1: Provide the following information to
  • Are you new or returning to Harborview MC?
  • Maiden name (if you have one)?
  • Currently Employed by UW Medicine? Y or N
  • Previous or current UWnetID? Y or N
  • Were you ever a STUDENT at the UW? Y or N
  • Please provide UWnetID if you have or had one.
STEP 2: Review the information found on the Harborview Medical Center website:


**Student passports will be provided by the BC ADN Program Manager.


Step 1:  Go to: 

**Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for PROVIDERS + STAFF, click on Students

Step 2:  Complete the following forms:
  • Student Internship Application (preceptep students only)
  • Nursing Information Services Request form (complete top portion only)
  • Confidentiality Statement form
  • Omnicell Password Request form
  • ID Badge and Parking Request form
  • Copy of one Government Issued ID
    • Driver’s License (both sides)
    • Current Active Passport (passport page w/ photo)
Step 3:  Submit all completed forms and copy of ID to Clinical Coordinator.


Step 1:  Complete the forms below:
Step 3:  Review Student and Intern Handbook
Step 4:  Provide all completed forms plus a copy of your recent TB, Flu and CPR card to Clinical Coordinator.



Step 1:  Follow instructions for Online Background Check Authorization Form Completion.
Step 2:  Complete the following forms and bring to orientation



Please let Nursing Clinicial Coordinator know the following information immediately:

  • Have you previously been at Children’s? Y or N
  • Are you an employee at Children’s? Y or N
  • If Yes, please provide Melissa with your Employee ID #.
  1. Seattle Children’s Hospital (Seattle Children’s Human Resources) will be emailing you shortly with directions for their RedCarpet onboarding.
  2.  Clinical Coordinator will provide you with a User ID after human resources has processed our paperwork.  This may take a few weeks. If you are a current employee, you will not go through RedCarpet onboarding
  3. After you have been provided with a User ID, please follow the directions from the RedCarpet and complete the online training.  Student_System_Access_and_Required_Training_Information_All_Roles_5_17_18

TIPS:  Google Chrome seems to work the best.  If you need assistance, please call the Seattle Children’s IS department at (206) 987-1111.

Please allow extra time in completing these trainings. It is important they are completed properly. The process typically takes students around 8-10 hours. This time (8hours) is accounted for in your orientation hours.

Helpful tips for Onboarding at Seattle Children’s:


Helpful Tips for Onboarding at Seattle Children

Gemalto Mobile App installation Guide

Student System Access



Seattle Medical is a new site for our program and only requires a completed, up-to-date passport (PM has on file).  At this time, no paperwork is required.


Step 1: Complete and return the following forms to ADN Program Manager.

  • Integrity and Compliance, Privacy and Security Regulations Student Acknowledgement
  • Information Confidentiality Agreement
  • InfoPort Completion Record
  • Username: stUDEnt
  • Password:  NS!6sunny
STEP 2: Bring your Epic Self-Learning Completion Record to the orientation.
Notes:  If you will not be working with IVs or central lines, you do not need to go to these sites.  The InfoPort Completion Record, once printed off, can serve as a checklist of all orientation content that you need to complete.


STEP 1:  Review and Complete the following documents.

**All documents must be typed, have original signatures and single sided. Copies are not accepted. Do not staple

STEP 2: Complete VA TMS Instruction Guide for Nursing students (July 2016)  training.
STEP 3: Submit all forms (Step 1) and TMS Certificate (Step 2)  to Melissa Meinhofer, T208 – DUE OCTOBER 5TH
STEP 4:  MAKE YOUR Fingerprinting Appointment by October 12th! Please notify Melissa Meinhofer after  you have scheduled your fingerprinting and badging appointments.  We need to track this information.

Returning TMS users:

o Verify that you have completed the mandatory training course titled: VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees by looking in your “completed work folder” in your TMS account.

If the certificate is still valid (good for one year), all you need is to print out the Certificate of Completion, and submit it to Melissa Meinhofer.

If the certificate had already expired, please complete the training module titled VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees-Refresher, print out that Certificate of Completion, and give it to Melissa Meinhofer.


  • Returning students are not required to have a computer class unless it has been over one year since their last class.
  • It is very important that students DO NOT use their cell phones to take pictures on any unit.
  • Under no circumstances are students allowed to sign-in for, or have someone else sign into the computer for them. This could lead to the student, and possibly the school, being removed from VA clinical rotations.
  • If you forget your password, please contact the VA Helpdesk from any internal hospital phone at 64357.

If you have been to the VA before, please let me know your badge expiration date.  If your badge is expired your will need fingerprint and badge again.  Keep a copy of all your certificates.


STEP 1:   Healthstream Instructions   (ADN Program Manager will notify you when it is time to complete this step.)
STEP 2:  Bring HealthStream transcript to orientation.


NOTE:  Students who have not been in the facility for a year must repeat the orientation.


STEP 1:  Email the following to
  • Have you been to Virginia Mason Previously? Y or N
  • Are you a Virginia Mason Employee?  Y or N
STEP 2: Review and complete the Virginia Mason Code of 2018-2019 Onboarding Packet.
STEP 3: Return forms to
STEP 4: Register and complete online learning modules on See attachment for directions.

            You are registering as:

  • User Type:      Student
  • Program:   ADN    
  •  Access Code:   69-36   
STEP 5:  Evidence of some degree completion.
  • This can be high school or completed prior college degree (in progress doesn’t work; needs to have degree posted)
  • Need either unofficial transcript or photocopy/picture of diploma
  • These documents should be brought to orientation


Last Updated September 6, 2018