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Tuition for the ADN program is based on cost per credit at Bellevue College and will be different for residents of Washington State versus non-residents. In addition to tuition costs, the ADN Program and Bellevue College both require fees for tools and services, and students will need to pay other costs for textbooks and supplies. The following information should be used to estimate how much the ADN program will cost. Tuition rates, fees, and supply costs may change.

ADN Program Estimated Cost Breakdown

The following information can be used to estimate how much the ADN program will cost. Tuition rates, fees, and supply costs are subject to change, and these numbers may change before applying or while enrolled in the program. Applicants or current students may also use the Bellevue College Net Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of the program or to calculate the cost of taking prerequisites at Bellevue College.

Bellevue College Tuition 2020 – 2021 (does not include prerequisites)

  • Resident (12 credits =  $1,242.28 x 6 quarters) = $7,453.68
  • Non-Resident (12 credits = $3,039.24 x 6 quarters) = $18,235.44

Course Fees

  • Kaplan Assessment Tools = $100/quarter or $600 total
  • Lab Maintenance = $21.50/quarter or $129/six quarters
  • Malpractice/Liability Insurance = $23.50/clinical quarter or $141/six quarters
  • CPNW Clinical Consortium = $33.34/clinical quarter or $200/six quarters

College Mandatory Fees for Students

  • Comprehensive Fee
  • Student Transportation Fee
  • Environmental Sustainability Fee
  • Technology Fee

Other Estimated Expenses

  • NursingCAS Application Fee: $60
  • Scrubs and Supplies: $400
  • Textbooks: $1,500 – $1,800
  • National Background Check: $54/first year of program (former residents of Main, Michigan, Nevada, New York, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming may be charged an additional fee)
  • Washington State Patrol Criminal History Report (WATCH): $17/second year and beyond
  • Medical Document Manager on CastleBranch: $35

Estimated costs to complete the ADN program

  • Resident: $10,700 – $11,000
  • Non-resident: $21,500 – $21,800

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Last Updated May 20, 2022