ADN Program Philosophy

Philosophy of Nursing

Bellevue College’s Philosophy of Nursing represents innovation and excellence in nursing education.The program embraces the identity role formation of a student nurse to a professional nurse who is prepared to enter and advance in the field of nursing and continue to a BSN program in order to meet the needs of the community and the discipline.


Graduate ADN nurses provide safe and patient centered care. Education focuses on assessment, planning and evaluation of outcomes in the context of the following: caring theory; professional/ethical standards; teamwork; quality improvement; evidence based practice and informatics.


Graduates engage scholarly inquiry to construct questions and apply clinical reasoning to promote human flourishing at individual and community level.


Global awareness, diversity and opportunities for nursing experiences abroad help build an inclusive community. Student success is facilitated by meeting the diverse learning style needs of traditional students, non-traditional students, and at risk students.


Teaching methodologies are based upon cognitive (thinking), affective (feeling), and psychomotor (doing) domains of learning. Adult learning theories, constructivism, and cognitive development provide a foundation to construct a collaborative environment where the student is an active participant in the learning process. Simulation provides experimental hands on learning. Technology and informatics are utilized to facilitate learning that is innovative, accessible and relevant to today’s changing healthcare demands.

Last Updated September 27, 2018