Transcripts & General Education Course Requirements

Bellevue College now offers the Associate in Nursing DTA, which requires additional prerequisites. For the most current list of courses, please see the Associate in Nursing DTA/MRP Degree worksheet. All students in the fall 2017 cohort and future cohorts will earn this degree.

A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 is required with a minimum of 2.0 in any given course.

If you are transferring credits from another institution, you must submit official transcripts.

  • Transfer Course Equivalencies – Search for courses you have taken at other colleges or universities to see how they are transferred to Bellevue College.
  • To have the prerequisite classes transferred in prior to admission into the program, please go to:  Online Services, Register, Request Prerequisite Check
  • Pre-Admission Guide 2015-2016 for Washington State 2 and 4 year Colleges and Universities.
  •  AP scores: we only accept official score report sent directly from College Board. We will not accept credits from high school transcript; or any AP credit appeared on other college transcript. See general instruction on transferring AP scores to Bellevue College:  If you repeat the class at a college or university it is considered a duplicate and will not be accepted.

The following courses must be completed before applying to the Bellevue College Associate in Nursing program:


The above courses must have been taken within seven years prior to the time of application. Fully online biology courses are not acceptable as prerequisites; the lab portion of the courses must be in-person.


The above course must have been taken within seven years prior to the time of application. A fully online chemistry course is not acceptable as a prerequisite; the lab portion of the course must be in-person.





The following courses may be completed after application to the Bellevue College Associate in Nursing Program, but must be completed before the first quarter of NURS courses:



Last Updated January 2, 2018