Fall 2019 Program Details

  • Schedule:
    • Orientation and classes begin September 16, 2019
  • Class Size: 32
  • Fall 2019 will offer Theory classes on the Main Campus, 3 or 4 days per week (M, T, Th, F), between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Additional Online Instruction to be arranged.
  • Tuition is $3,165 (3 payments – 1st payment due before classes begin)
  • To register for the course, you must complete the Fall 19 RNR Application and bring it to North Campus with the application fee by Friday, August 23.
  • Immunizations, CPR and a nationwide background check are due after being accepted into program. If documentation is incomplete, you will not be able to go to clinicals.
  • Required Text:
    • Medical Surgical Nursing Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems
    • 10th Edition
    • Lewis, Bucher, Keitkemper, Harding
    • ISBN: 978-0-323-32852-4

                   You may purchase either the one big book or two smaller books Vol. I & 2

  • Program includes: Theory (110 Hours), Skills Lab (24 Hours), Clinical (64 Hours), Sim Lab (16 hours) and Preceptorship (80 Hours)
  • You must pass each section before moving on to next section
  • Length of program is approximately five (5) months
  • Reliable computer and printer are required, in addition to reliable internet access for online portion of the program.
    • Students will be required to use CANVAS and use their Bellevue College email – to be set-up after acceptance into the program (please note that CANVAS is separate from your Bellevue College email).
  • International RN’s are welcome to take the “Theory Only” portion of the program – immunizations and background check not required.
  • RN’s with the least time lapsed in the profession will get priority placement if there is over enrollment in the program.
  • RN’s who have been out of practice for over 20 years, may not be accepted into the program.


RN’s with Suspended License

  • RN’s who have a suspended license (this section not applicable to RN’s with an inactive or active license) will not be admitted into the program, unless they have found a suitable clinical and preceptorship site on their own, prior to the application deadline. Bellevue College is not responsible for finding a clinical/preceptorship site for RN’s with a suspended license.
    • Clinical/Preceptorship sites must:
      • Be pre-approved by the RN Refresher Director and/or Associate Dean of Nursing
      • Be verifiable as a viable clinical/preceptorship site for RN Refresher student
      • Fully cooperate with the Bellevue College RN Refresher Program Clinical Coordinator(s) and Instructor(s)
      • Please include Contact Name and Information to Bellevue College RN Refresher Program
    • All paperwork regarding this process must be completed, signed, and approved prior to the application deadline, so it is highly recommended that the RN start this process immediately.

Last Updated July 16, 2019