Please contact staff by calling or emailing them if you have questions or concerns regarding each individual Nursing Program (which is specifically listed within their titles).

Additionally, staff members schedule their own appointments so it is best to arrange this with them by calling or emailing well in advance, since same day appointments are rarely an option. If an appointment is scheduled, then on the day of the appointment please check-in with the front desk in T208 prior to the appointment.

Please arrive 5 to 15 minutes before your appointment time, and please be patient as staff members might have other appointments prior to yours.

At the time of your appointment, if staff is ready, you will be escorted by staff to the designated office space of the staff member.

Students and/or prospective students will not be admitted into designated office spaces without an escort.

Thank you for your cooperation and adherence to this policy.

Lisa Tedeschi

ADN & RN-BSN Program Chair

Jamie Greene

HEET Grant Coordinator

Melissa Meinhofer

Program Manager, CNE, NAC, RNR


ADN & RN-BSN Program Manager

Suzanne K. Beltz

Interim Associate Dean of Nursing