Staff & Faculty

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Dianne Caraway Picture

Dianne Caraway

ADN & RN-BSN Program Chair

Teaessa Chism Picture

Teaessa Chism

Tenured Senior Associate Professor, Full-time Faculty

Lisa Tedeschi Picture

Lisa Tedeschi

Tenured Senior Associate Professor

Dr. Lela Holden Picture

Dr. Lela Holden

Assistant Professor

Marilu Bumgardner Picture

Marilu Bumgardner

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Margie Bridges Picture

Dr. Margie Bridges

Adjunct Faculty

Timothy Corbett Picture

Timothy Corbett

Adjunct Faculty

Sabina Uber Picture

Sabina Uber

Adjunct Faculty

Lauren Seaton Picture

Lauren Seaton

Adjunct Faculty

Amanda Taylor Picture

Amanda Taylor

Nursing Clinical Coordinator

Dr. Suzanne K. Beltz Picture

Dr. Suzanne K. Beltz

Associate Dean of Nursing