ADN Prerequisites

Update to requirements for Bellevue College ADN Program:

Spring 2021 Application Cycle (10/26/2020-11/30/2020)

  • Starting with the Spring 2021 application (opening 10/26/2020), it will be a requirement for any students transferring to Bellevue College to have their prerequisite credits transferred to Bellevue College before applying to the ADN program.
  • Transferring credits takes approximately 8 weeks, so it is recommended that applicants submit a transfer credit request at least two months before the application deadline.
  • Plan to attach your Bellevue College Degree Audit to your application if you are applying for the Spring 2021 Cohort.

Winter 2021 Application Cycle (8/17/2020-9/21/2020)

  • For students applying for Winter 2021 (application opened 8/17/2020) and transferring credits, it is strongly recommended that you still submit your transfer credit request as soon as possible.
  • Even if your request is unable to be completed before the application deadline, it is still a necessary step for admitted students and will not need to be repeated if a student applies to a later admission cycle.
  • A Bellevue College Degree Audit is not a requirement on your application for Winter 2021, but is appreciated if complete.

In order to apply to the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program, you must complete specific prerequisite courses from a regionally accredited college or university.

Please refer to the Nursing Associate of Applied Science–T Degree Program of Study to see the list of required prerequisite courses.

  • All prerequisite coursework must be complete at the time of application submission.
  • All prerequisite coursework must be completed with a minimum grade of 2.0
  • All science prerequisite coursework must be completed within the last seven (7) years
  • Applicants must have a cumulative prerequisite GPA of 3.0
    • Use the ADN GPA calculator to figure out your cumulative prerequisite and science GPAs. Be sure to download the calculator to your computer and adjust the number of quarter credits accordingly.

AP scores: we only accept official score reports sent directly from College Board. We will not accept credits from a high school transcript or any AP credits listed on another college transcript. Please see the AP Credit Equivalency Chart to see if your credits meet the Bellevue College criteria. If you repeat the class at a college or university, it is considered a duplicate and the AP score will not be accepted.

Transfer Credits

If you have taken one or more of your required prerequisite courses at other colleges (either in Washington State or elsewhere), you need to confirm that your coursework will be accepted to meet the prerequisite requirements. Some courses may transfer as equivalents, while others may meet criteria for substitutions. This entire process will take several weeks. Please plan accordingly so it is completed BEFORE you apply.

Standard Transfer

  1. Apply for general admission to Bellevue College.
    1. You will not be charged for admission unless you are admitted to the program.
  2. Submit official college/university transcripts to the Bellevue College Evaluations Office.
  3. Once transcripts have been received, fill out a Transfer Credit Request Form.
    1. Make sure you request a transfer to the Nursing AAS-T degree: Professional/Technical Associate Degree > Health & Science > Nursing AAS-T
  4. Transfer credit results are sent to your BC Student email account.
    1. This may take several weeks. Be patient.
    2. The BC Nursing program does not know the timing/status of your transfer credit results, and cannot expedite this process.
  5. Run a Degree Audit for the Nursing AAS-T degree.
    1. Directions for running and saving a PDF of your Degree Audit.
    2. Attach the PDF of your Degree Audit to your application before submission.

While waiting for your results, you can check the Bellevue College Transfer Course Equivalencies database. This database provides a list of courses that have been previously reviewed and approved by the Bellevue College Evaluations department. Here you can look up your previous coursework to see if it is already listed as approved equivalent for the required prerequisite. Note that sometimes there are no direct equivalents to your coursework, in which case you may need to request a substitution. We also have a list of commonly-accepted substitutions.

For courses that were not transferred

AFTER completing the Transfer Credit Request, if you still have unfulfilled prerequisites, you will need to have your prerequisites reviewed by the Nursing Program BEFORE you apply to the ADN program. We recommend that you submit this prerequisite review as soon as your Transfer Credit Request is complete. If all of your courses were transferred successfully, there is no need to take any further action.

  1. Fill out our Prerequisite Course Equivalency Worksheet for only the courses that were not transferred via the Transfer Credit Request.
  2. Run a Degree Audit for the Nursing AAS-T degree.
    1. Directions for running and saving a PDF of your Degree Audit.
  3. Submit your completed Prerequisite Course Equivalency Worksheet, PDF of your Degree Audit, and a copy of your unofficial transcripts to
    1. Include your name and Bellevue student ID in the body of your email.
  4. Attach your approved Prerequisite Course Equivalency Worksheet to your application before submission.

NOTE: While we make every effort to respond as quickly as possible, there may be a two to three week delay in response so please plan ahead. We will not be able to complete your review unless all documentation is provided.

Last Updated September 3, 2020