RN to BSN Academic Options

Globe sitting on top of a laptop with a stethoscope.Bellevue College’s RN to BSN program is being designed with working nurses in mind. Students may choose to study full-time or part-time. Courses are taught through a low-residency, hybrid model in which degree candidates come to campus one or two days each week to meet with the instructor and their student colleagues. Lectures will be captured and available for online viewing.

All students take the same core nursing courses, as well as general education courses in philosophy, economics, anthropology, and humanities. Students may choose to take additional healthcare-related or general education electives as well. Overall credits in the program are 180, broken down as follows: 90 transfer credits from associate’s degree, 45 NCLEX-RN exam credits, 30 credits in upper-division nursing courses, and 15-20 elective credits, taken during the RN TO BSN program.

180 Total Credits Required for RN to BSN Degree Requirements
Credits from ADN90
Nursing Credits for NCLEX-RN exam45
Upper Division Nursing Course (RN-BSN)32
Upper Division General Education Electives15
Total Credits182

A student attending full-time could complete the degree in four quarters; students attending part-time may choose to complete the degree in six to twelve quarters. Sample full-time and part-time student schedules are below.