RN-BSN Degree Requirements

Globe sitting on top of a laptop with a stethoscope.Bellevue College’s RN-BSN program is designed with working nurses in mind. Students may choose to study full-time or part-time. The low-residency program delivers courses in hybrid, online, and face-to-face modalities, with degree candidates typically on campus for only one day per week.

Students take upper-level nursing courses and general education courses to complete the degree. The 180 degree credits are designated as follows: 90 transfer credits from associate’s degree in nursing or diploma, 45 credits for RN licensure (successful passing of NCLEX-RN), 30 credits in upper-level nursing courses, and 15 – 20 credits in general education courses.

180 Total Credits Required for RN to BSN Degree Requirements
Credits from ADN90
Nursing Credits for NCLEX-RN exam45
Upper Division Nursing Course (RN-BSN)30
Upper Division General Education Electives15 – 20
Total Credits180 – 185

A student attending full-time will complete the degree in four quarters (one calendar year); students attending part-time may choose to complete the degree in six to twelve quarters (up to three years). Sample full-time and part-time student schedules are below.