Badges and Pathways

A layout of all the badges used for the OETA. This includes for Copyright, Accessibility, Canvas 101, Procedures, High 5, Tech Skills, and QM
Example of the primary course badges used for the OETA

About Badges

Digital badges are a visual symbol of accomplishment. Badges by default are trackable icons which contain metadata about achievements and are used to verify a person’s learning.  There are different badging and credential services available and Badgr is a popular badging tool available for free inside of Canvas. It is now owned by Canvas, and while anyone may sign up for a free account at you do not need to sign up with Badgr in order to earn your badges.

OETA Final Badge

Faculty will receive a final Online Excellence Teaching Academy certificate badge upon earning all seven course badges. The OETA uses seven primary course badges which are awarded upon the completion of each course. There are additional badging icons for course substitutes and equivalencies. To check on the badge for your individual course click on Badges in your Canvas course navigation. 

View all badges. Badges tell a story with data that verifies a learner’s achievements.

View the OETA Badge Pathway on the Bellevue College public Badgr page.

Last Updated November 20, 2023