Justin and Stan Lee

Justin Azevedo lives, what some might consider, an exciting double life outside the halls of OLS. When he’s not attending class, and participating in community activities, he’s known as blogger, “DarkShadow” – a character he based on himself. So, when job shadow time came around here at OLS, Justin chose to volunteer at Emerald City Comic-Con, where, on top of being in his element and cheerfully directing attendees to their destinations, he also got to meet one of his heroes –  the legendary Stan Lee.

In the photo of the two, you’ll notice the dark and detailed costume that Justin is wearing. Perhaps not surprisingly, he created this costume on his own and wears it to every Comic-Con. “It’s taken me a few years to gather the equipment needed to create him”, Justin explained about the DarkShadow character and costume. Additionally, he has started a series of short stories based on his blog. “As I continue working on the blog, I can see myself expanding it into an entire universe of characters, plots, and more”, he said. He lights up at the mere mention of it.

Blogger, Designer, Comic-Con Volunteer & Full-Time OLS Student – just a few of the many titles that Justin currently holds. Great job, Justin. Keep pursuing your dreams and doing what you love.

Justin’s blog can be found at darkshadowaz.blogspot.com.  Check it out and see where his passion and creativity will take him!

Last Updated May 31, 2017