Camp Unity

Our students currently taking Nutrition, Health, & Fitness 1 with Marie Koole participated in a great service learning activity making healthy, non-perishable trail mix for Camp Unity Eastside. The students shopped for ingredients and read food labels, prepared the trail mix, and delivered it to the camp.

The students also toured the camp and learned about food storage and health safety requirements.

Most importantly our students learned the residents have a place to call home while they strive to move into a more prosperous and sustainable future.

During each course at OLS, our students participate in community activities that pertain to the respective learning outcomes of their courses. This gives the students an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and put it to practice in the community. Visit our website to learn more about Service Learning in the OLS Program.

OLS Students shop at Fred Meyer

Students shop at Fred Meyer

Last Updated September 15, 2020