Creating OLS Commericals

Every spring our Critical Thinking Through Media course students participate in a fun and creative project by creating a commercial for the OLS program. The commercials are geared to prospective OLS students and requires our students to utilize their critical thinking skills to develop an idea focused on what future students might be interested in hearing about. They can also talk about what they personally like about the program, if desired. Prior to filming students have to create a story board and write the script, and they spend time throughout the course talking about various messages in the media and how advertisers use information to sell products.

Below are the commercials created this year. Be sure to check them out (and share them with friends and family who might be considering coming to OLS!).

Tashi’s Critical Thinking Through Media video – 2019
Katelyn’s Critical Thinking Through Media video – 2019
Edward’s 2019 Critical Thinking Through Media Video
Will’s 2019 Critical Thinking Through Media video
TJ’s 2019 Critical Thinking Through Media Video

Critical Thinking Through Media is one of the many courses OLS Students take to obtain their associate degree from OLS. More information about our curriculum is available on our website. To learn more about our program register for an Information Session.

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Last Updated July 9, 2019