The Practice of Heartfulness

three young adults smile for the camera

Mindfulness is one of the elective courses in the OLS program, and on Fridays students enrolled in the course participate in an exercise to practice an important aspect of mindfulness: Heartfulness.

Heartfulness is purposefully thinking kind, loving thoughts about yourself and others and helps create positive thoughts and joy in our lives and the lives of others around us. It builds confidence and supports community and living a healthy mental lifestyle.

Students anonymously write positive, loving short notes to themselves and to one other student. The notes are shared at the end of class, and the class discusses the idea that happiness comes from within. Exercises in purposeful positive thought generation helps re-wire the brain to make positive experiences stay with us longer and makes an impact in the way we think and interact with others.

Mindfulness is a fantastic practice for sensory awareness and equanimity. Some of the course goals are self-awareness, impulse control, and attention stability. Students also learn about slowing down, enjoying the present moment, and the people in that moment.

Mindfulness is an elective course OLS Students can take to obtain their associate degree from OLS. To learn more about our program register for an Information Session.

Last Updated January 16, 2020