Live Band in the Cafeteria

OLS Students in masks hanging out in the on campus cafeteria while a band plays music in the background.

Written by: Panida

The Bellevue College Brazilian Club invited Bellevue College students to join them at the cafeteria on Monday, April 11 from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. for Brazilian music & farró dance. OLS students had a fun time dancing with fellow BC students while enjoying Brazilian snacks and soda.

Forró is the most popular genre of music and dance in Brazil’s Northeast. The music is based on a combination of three instruments (accordionzabumba, and a metal triangle). The dance known as college forró is the most common style having influences of other dances like salsa and samba-rock.

Allison and Hailey commented that the music was very loud and very entertaining. Matthew did his own dance style. Hailey participated in the group farró dance.

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In our uniquely supportive skills-based program, students apply academic knowledge through community activities, service learning and social experiences. Students identify a career pathway, gain marketable, workplace-ready competencies, develop better interpersonal skills and complete an internship in alignment with their career goals.

Last Updated May 26, 2022