OLS Bellevue College Student Interns at Classical King FM Radio

In the fourth year at OLSBC, students participate in a 250+ hour internship with a local business. All internships are specific to each student and their career pathway. Throughout winter and spring quarters, look for our Internship Stories on our website and social media pages.

An OLS Bellevue College student works at a radio station for their internship.
Gordon working hard at his internship

Intern: Gordon

Place of Internship: Classical King FM

Internship Duties: Programming Intern: Digitizing CDs and sorting documents.

Career Pathway: Music

“The most rewarding part of my internship would be knowing what it is like to work at a radio station and seeing it for myself. My favorite part is taking the CD audio and putting it onto the computer file.”


About Classical King FM:

Classical KING FM 98.1 is the primary institution developing new audiences for classical music and the arts in Seattle, Bellevue, and the Puget Sound Region. Listener-supported KING FM is located at Seattle Center with a mission to make classical music accessible for everyone in the community and to advocate for the arts in our region.

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Last Updated April 30, 2024