Eligibility Criteria

Academic Requirements:

  • High School Completion
  • 70+ IQ
  • 4th grade or higher reading, writing and math levels

Other Requirements:

Applicants must be able to: 

  • Independently regulate emotions to participate in classwork.  
  • Independently navigate a college campus and comply with Bellevue College code of Conduct.
  • Plan transportation to arrive to campus and class on time.  
  • Plan transportation to/from campus and other local destinations as assigned.
  • Manage e-mail correspondence. 
  • Sustain attention and initiate tasks with minimal prompting.  

Behavioral Expectations:

Applicants must have a history of meeting the behavioral and attendance expectations of past educational programs or employment.

These expectations include (but are not limited to) refraining from:

  • Aggression (verbal or physical) 
  • Leaving class without permission (elopement) 
  • Refusing to follow reasonable instructions 
  • Bullying 
  • Harassment

Desire to be a College Student:

Applicants must demonstrate a:

  • Commitment to attend and participate in two 90-minute class sessions per day and dedicate an average of three hours to homework each week.
  • Willingness to learn and actively participate in learning.

All final admissions decisions are made at the discretion of the professional judgment of the OLSBC Admissions Team.

Last Updated September 28, 2023