OLS Alumni 2015

Student Orientation
Prior to the start of fall quarter, new students attend a three-day orientation at our campus where they are given a campus tour and participate in team-building. In addition to meeting fellow students, they meet instructors, advisors, and their student mentors, upperclassmen who will support them throughout their first year. Students also spend time with our instructors on planning their first day and learning about registration, transportation, books, and much more.

Parent Preparation

During orientation parents come to campus to meet with our faculty and staff to find out what comes next. There will be preparation meetings and Q&A sessions to help get you better understand what your child’s life as a college student will be like. You’ll also meet parents of upperclassmen, who will share their experiences about OLS and the self-determination that their children are learning along the way. Parent networking is a powerful part of the process, as support and advice coming from someone who has walked in your shoes can be so meaningful.

Last Updated October 24, 2019