Farewell To One Of The Best

Hi everyone, Many of you may have heard that Marci Muhlestein is leaving OLS on Friday after 10 years of service. What you may not know are her many accomplishments. I have worked with Marci for 8 years and witnessed firsthand not only her accomplishments, but how she navigated BC through positive relationships and win/win …more about Farewell To One Of The Best

Student Stories: Learning Strategies Research Project

Students from Learning Strategies in the College Environment spent time this quarter researching the theory of Multiple Intelligences. After their research they reflected on what they learned about their own strengths and helped others identify theirs. Outcomes of the project were shared with the OLS community.               Learning Strategies …more about Student Stories: Learning Strategies Research Project

Student Stories: Budgeting Groceries

Students enrolled in the Personal Finance course participated in their Community Activity at a local Safeway. The activity gave students the experience of working with a grocery list and staying within a budget. Students prioritized their lists by identifying items on list as either wants or needs and making choices of what to buy and what to save …more about Student Stories: Budgeting Groceries

Student Stories: Johnny Bunko

In our Career Portfolio course, first year students have been acting out scenes from the manga (graphic novel) about the misadventures of Johnny Bunko who is trying to find his way to the right career. Students analyze the lessons Johnny learns about finding his flow and focusing on his strengths not his weaknesses. To celebrate …more about Student Stories: Johnny Bunko