Student Stories: Job Shadows

Third year students are taking Individual Study this quarter to help them further develop their career pathway. Each student is designing an individualized project that includes at least two job shadows in the community. A job shadow provides an experience for a student of what it is like to perform a certain type of work …more about Student Stories: Job Shadows

College Bound Resource Fair 2018

OLS students and staff had a great time on Feb 3 at the College Bound Resource Fair. OLS presents this annual event for people with disabilities who aspire to go to college in partnership with Autism Spectrum Navigators at Bellevue College, ACHIEVE Highline College, SAILS Seattle Central College, and Mosaic at University of Washington. OLS student volunteers were on-site to …more about College Bound Resource Fair 2018

Student Stories: Critical Thinking Through Writing

In Critical Thinking through Writing second year students begin class with a writing prompt that involves thinking critically about a complex topic and writing out their first impressions. This helps students practice thinking critically, organizing and synthesizing information, and communicating their ideas clearly to others. Here Turner Brimm muses on what his life would be like if …more about Student Stories: Critical Thinking Through Writing

Student Stories: OSHA Project

In the Controversial Issues in the Workplace course this fall, students were asked to summarize laws related to employees in the workplace and discuss occupational safety. Students were able to select an employment idea and identify OSHA publications that would apply to their specific work environments/tasks. This assessment required students to reflect on the very first …more about Student Stories: OSHA Project

2018 MLK Service Project

Larege group of OLS students holding blanket example and smiling

January 17 was the annual MLK Service Project for OLS Students, faculty, and staff who gathered at the Bellevue College Main Campus to create blankets and inspirational cards for Seattle Children’s Hospital. This annual project is a favorite activity for our students, and many in attendance this year were there for the 3rd or 4th consecutive …more about 2018 MLK Service Project

Student Stories: Advocating in Olympia

Joey Wilson and Noel Frame

You may remember us sharing our students’ experiences attending the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities Legislative Forum on November 20th. OLS Student Joey Wilson had his story featured in the legislative packet and was fortunate enough to meet with his district representative Noel Frame and discuss the issues he faces as a citizen in King County, …more about Student Stories: Advocating in Olympia