Course & Student Stories

Office Procedures and Customer Service Group Work

By: Panida, OLS Student OLS 3rd year students in the Office Procedures and Customer Service class kicked week 1 off with learning about why exceptional customer service is so important and necessary for a business to succeed.   Students divided into groups and brainstormed: What is customer service? What they think is important for good customer service? Why it is important ...more about Office Procedures and Customer Service Group Work

Don’t Just Recycle…Upcycle!

Students pictured, from top to bottom: E, Miguel, Brittney, Samantha and Jacob.Other members of the Upcyclers group were Vinh, Kristina, Evelynn and Bennett. Social Change in America explores various methods that can lead people to change their habits and thinking on important issues. The students discover that even though they can’t solve the world’s problems, ...more about Don’t Just Recycle…Upcycle!

Student-Created OLS Commercials

Students in Critical Thinking Through Media are tasked with the assignment of creating a commercial for OLS Bellevue College.  They spend the first few weeks of the quarter learning about the history of advertising, the motives behind it, and the many different forms and evolution of advertising. This quarter was particularly challenging for this assignment, ...more about Student-Created OLS Commercials

Earth Week (and Beyond!) 2021

The Environment & Our Community course kicked off Spring Quarter with students participating in some exciting Earth Week 2021 sustainability and climate justice related activities through the BC Office of Sustainability. Events Virtually Attended: Culture Is Power: Reclaiming the Radical Imagination with Favianna Rodriguez:  Through case studies in migration, gender justice and climate justice, Favianna Rodriguez shared ...more about Earth Week (and Beyond!) 2021

Instrument Share Activity

Students enrolled in Music Appreciation participated in a fun activity sharing instruments during class. The students were tasked with finding the Instrument they wanted to share. Some students used Instruments they had as children, others chose to make an instrument. Our goal for this activity was to create sound and rhythm using instruments and for ...more about Instrument Share Activity

OLS Election Night News Coverage

As news outlets began reporting election results from around the country on November 3rd, second-year students in the OLS News and Daily Living course were busily taking in those numbers. Then at 7:00PM that evening, they gathered online to present their own news coverage in an “Election Night Watch Party” for their fellow students and ...more about OLS Election Night News Coverage

Equal Treatment, Equal Access: Raising Awareness About People With Disabilities and Their Struggle for Equal Rights

Bitmoji pic of the Controversial Issues course students. Bitmojis created by students and put together by student Katelyn. Students in Controversial Issues had the opportunity to study the evolution of the disability rights movement through the eyes of disability activists and the organizations that lobbied for key civil rights legislation for people with disabilities. Students ...more about Equal Treatment, Equal Access: Raising Awareness About People With Disabilities and Their Struggle for Equal Rights

VP Debate Watch Party

The OLS Citizenship class watched the Vice President Debate virtually together on October 7. They watched via YouTube which allowed them to post comments with their opinions about what the candidates said. Course instructors asked questions during the evening about what the students thought about the debate and to discuss how the debate is an ...more about VP Debate Watch Party

Virtual Lunches With Bellevue College International Student Association

The International Student Association (ISA) at Bellevue College is engaging students virtually this quarter by creating a series of interesting “lunches” surrounding the topics of different world cultures. Our Cultural Awareness courseparticipated in two of these lunches, and students committed to stepping outside their comfort zone to interact virtually with new people in a group setting.  ...more about Virtual Lunches With Bellevue College International Student Association