Course & Student Stories

OLS Student Joins Volunteers on Campus for Memorial Day

Story by:  Anastasia, OLS Student OLS Student Anastasia joined Bellevue College students and staff as a volunteer to arrive on campus early morning on Friday, May 27 to help put up flags around campus for Memorial Day in honor of those who sacrificed their lives during military service. The Bellevue College Veterans Association provided breakfast ...more about OLS Student Joins Volunteers on Campus for Memorial Day

Earth Week

by Panida, OLS Student The BC Office of Sustainability held the 23rd annual Earth Week – a week of exciting sustainability and climate justice related activities at Bellevue College! The theme this year was “Climate Voices: Sharing, listening, and taking action together,“ which centers the importance of conversations, storytelling and the sharing of knowledge as ...more about Earth Week

Office Procedures and Customer Service Group Work

By: Panida, OLS Student OLS 3rd year students in the Office Procedures and Customer Service class kicked week 1 off with learning about why exceptional customer service is so important and necessary for a business to succeed.   Students divided into groups and brainstormed: What is customer service? What they think is important for good customer service? Why it is important ...more about Office Procedures and Customer Service Group Work

OLS Students Explore Applications

The Winter Quarter Apps and Technology course was filled with lots of new experiences for OLS students. Throughout the quarter, students examined and analyzed different applications they use in their personal life. They also researched apps that they could use in their careers down the road. Students discussed time management apps and examined browser add-ons ...more about OLS Students Explore Applications

Individual Study Job Shadows

Thank you card by Briggs Our third-year students in Individual Study have been busy this quarter participating in job shadows and class job site tours/guest speakers.  Job shadowing helps students gain knowledge of an occupation through observation. OLS students were able to follow and observe a trained and experienced employee in one or more of their career ...more about Individual Study Job Shadows

Exploring Non-Verbal Communication

Throughout our Communication in the Workplace course, OLS students learn various aspects of communication, including how much is understood through verbal versus non-verbal communication. The spoken work is only 10-20% of what is communicated - the rest is through non-verbal communication such as body language, facial expression and tone. Recently they had a fun assignment ...more about Exploring Non-Verbal Communication

OLS Students Create Environmental Flags of Gratitude

Studies have shown that when we openly express our appreciation for something, we are likely to take better care of it. Third Year students in Environment and Our Community recently explored this connection between gratitude and stewardship by creating Environmental Flags of Gratitude – banners expressing what they are grateful for in their physical surroundings. ...more about OLS Students Create Environmental Flags of Gratitude

Don’t Just Recycle…Upcycle!

Students pictured, from top to bottom: E, Miguel, Brittney, Samantha and Jacob.Other members of the Upcyclers group were Vinh, Kristina, Evelynn and Bennett. Social Change in America explores various methods that can lead people to change their habits and thinking on important issues. The students discover that even though they can’t solve the world’s problems, ...more about Don’t Just Recycle…Upcycle!

OLS Students Research Bellevue College Resources

OLS Students who took Self-Determination in the Fall Quarter were tasked with a project researching the different resources Bellevue College has to offer. Students worked in small groups to find information about BC’s programs that would be useful for OLS Students. Each group was assigned a different program offered through Bellevue College: Student Programs, The ...more about OLS Students Research Bellevue College Resources