Course & Student Stories

Visit to Microsoft Inclusive Lab

Throughout the winter quarter, students enrolled in Individual Studies will be touring 4 job sites as a class and participating in at least 2 individual job shadows matched to their career pathways. Here's what some of the students had to say about their recent visit to the Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab on January 6th.  "I ...more about Visit to Microsoft Inclusive Lab

The Benefits of Workplace Hygiene and Personal Appearance

Why do students need to learn about hygiene and personal appearance? OLS students participate in job shadows and internships during their 3rd and 4th years. Part of being ready for the workforce starts with good workplace hygiene and appearance. Students researched and defined the benefits of good hygiene as having better health. By keeping themselves clean it helps prevent ...more about The Benefits of Workplace Hygiene and Personal Appearance

OLS Students Write the News

Madison Miller of the Bellevue Reporter works with student Dylan As their final projects for News and Daily Living, students wrote news articles about life at OLS and collaborated to assemble the articles into a student newspaper. They began by brainstorming ideas for potential articles on the whiteboard, and then choosing one that interested them. ...more about OLS Students Write the News

Which Shape Are You?

Students enrolled in the Intro to Communications course in fall quarter participated in a great team-building exercise. Various shapes were posted around the classroom, and students were asked to move toward the shape they found the most appealing. Once everyone was standing near their shape, they engaged in a discussion about the different personalities inherent ...more about Which Shape Are You?

Trail Mix for Camp Unity

Students enrolled in Nutrition, Health, and Fitness during fall quarter had a wonderful time making trail mix and delivering it to Camp Unity Eastside, a transitional mobile encampment and self-managed outside community. On a trip to Fred Meyers, students gathered ingredients for the trail mix and spent time in class putting it together. They learned ...more about Trail Mix for Camp Unity

Circuit Training

Students had a lot of fun in the Strength & Fitness elective course this fall. One activity they participated in was a series of circuit training exercises that fit into the components of fitness categories. These categories are muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Students do a series of walking or jogging, stair ...more about Circuit Training

2019 Coffee Social

First year students enrolled in our Intro to Communications course this fall hosted the Coffee Social, an annual fall activity put together by the students to help them practice the new communication skills they learn in the course. Students invite fellow OLS students, faculty, staff, and members of the community to stop by for light ...more about 2019 Coffee Social

Proof of Strengths

In their third year of the OLS program, students take the Self-Determination in the Workplace course which seeks to help them expand their job interview skills. In addition to providing them important information and practice for future job interviews, the skills they acquire in this course will help in their final year at OLS when ...more about Proof of Strengths

Memory: Elements of Mindfulness

Students enrolled in Mindfulness got to engage in some nostalgia this quarter by playing a classic game that took many of them back to their childhood: Memory. But instead of matching pictures, students were matching elements of mindfulness with their definition. In addition to being a great way to review for their final, it was ...more about Memory: Elements of Mindfulness

The Impact of Plarn

Our students had a great time making plarn this quarter with the RISE Institute. Plarn is yarn made from plastic bags and is used to create bed rolls by knitting the plarn (a process known as plarning). This was a great opportunity for OLS students to discuss the social problem of housing insecurity in their ...more about The Impact of Plarn