Course & Student Stories

Dream Print Presentations

First year OLS Bellevue College students completed their year-end culminating project, the Dream Print presentation, for their Self Determination course. In class, they worked on the creation of a Powerpoint presentation where they discussed their good experiences, dreams, goals, strengths, and hopes for the future. They did this in the context of assignments that led ...more about Dream Print Presentations

Adjusting to Distance Learning

When the Covid-19 crisis hit, OLS students were suddenly thrown into distance learning. They quickly had to find ways to adjust and cope with the reality of learning in a completely new and, to many, foreign environment. The fourth year students were asked to reflect on adjusting to distance learning. Specifically, they were asked to ...more about Adjusting to Distance Learning

Fun With Science

Students enrolled in the OLS Bellevue College Critical Thinking Through Science course have been having a great time with some hands-on science. The first day of the quarter began with their instructor Mark Waldstein showing them a few experiments that can be done using some simple home ingredients. Here's an example of refraction using a ...more about Fun With Science

Virtual Ice Breaker

The OLS Bellevue College Office Procedures and Customer Service course students participated in a virtual ice breaker to start off Spring Quarter. A virtual ice breaker can be a game, a quirky activity, a competition, or an exercise that's designed to challenge the way students think, and, in this case, students played a game called ...more about Virtual Ice Breaker

Winter Quarter Mock Interviews

Every Winter Quarter the 1st Year OLS Bellevue College students participate in a Mock Interviews. For this activity members from local businesses are recruited to serve as the interviewers. Students prepare by first identifying their dream job, something for which they have a strong interest or passion. In class, students are introduced to what the ...more about Winter Quarter Mock Interviews

OLS Bellevue College Students Create Original Podcasts

OLS Bellevue College students in the Podcasts elective course recently completed their main projects when they visited the Jack Straw Cultural Center to record podcasts they had written during the quarter.  Collaborating in two groups, students first chose general topics they wanted to write about: one chose music, the other food. Over the next couple ...more about OLS Bellevue College Students Create Original Podcasts

Campus Scavenger Hunt

This quarter our Learning Strategies in the College Environment courses teamed up for an office scavenger hunt on the Bellevue College campus. Upon arrival, students were paired with a partner and given two locations on main campus to visit. Some of these locations included places like the Center for Career Connections, the Disability Resource Center, ...more about Campus Scavenger Hunt

Writing Prompts

Our Critical Thinking Through Writing course helps students build confidence and skills in expressing their thinking through writing. One way to help build that confidence is to have students do a writing prompt nearly every class. This gives students the opportunity to express themselves on a wide variety of  topics.  Some of the topics have ...more about Writing Prompts

Hands On with Virtual Reality

The Apps and Tech course visited the XR/VR lab located inside the Library Media Center on the Bellevue College Main Campus on February 19th. The XR/VR lab provides students an access to virtual world technologies and allows for augmented learning experiences for students. The students had the opportunity to use the Oculus headsets and explore ...more about Hands On with Virtual Reality

Visit to Microsoft Inclusive Lab

Throughout the winter quarter, students enrolled in Individual Studies will be touring 4 job sites as a class and participating in at least 2 individual job shadows matched to their career pathways. Here's what some of the students had to say about their recent visit to the Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab on January 6th.  "I ...more about Visit to Microsoft Inclusive Lab