OLSBC Program

young woman with long hair and glasses looking off camera and smiling

The OLSBC program is proud to be a part of Bellevue College in Bellevue, WA, just outside of Seattle. Our 100-acre campus is a vibrant, active community with a wide range of activities, clubs and events for almost every area of interest.

As part of the OLSBC program, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in many campus activities. You can live on campus in Bellevue College housing or commute to campus by car or public transportation.

Your future awaits!

Some benefits of earning your degree from OLSBC On-Campus

  • Be part of a thriving campus community
  • Morning and afternoon classes available
  • Earn your degree taking classes four days per week
  • Create career goals in a field of your choosing
  • Take steps toward independence
  • Create lifelong friendships
four OLS students eat lunch together on campus

Does This Sound Like You?

Some characteristics of students who thrive in a campus environment:

  • Desires a traditional college experience
  • Enjoys socializing and making new friends
  • Comfortable commuting to campus or living in campus housing
  • Prefers working and interacting with others in person

Last Updated September 28, 2023