Internship at Alki Kayak Tours

In the 4th year at OLS, students participate in a 200-hour internship with a local business. All our internships are specific to each student and their career pathway. Throughout winter and spring quarters, look for our Internship Stories on our website and social media pages. Intern: Edward Place of Internship: Alki Kayak Tours Internship Duties: ...more about Internship at Alki Kayak Tours

Meet Panida

2nd Year OLS StudentCareer Path: Technology Field “I am very happy with my decision to go to college because I can get myassociate degree and further my career goals.” Panida's career goals:After graduating OLS, I am exploring opportunities for full time work, using my skills to work in the technology field. What she likes most ...more about Meet Panida

OLS Students Use Weekly Exercise Planners with SMART Goals

Students enrolled in the Walking and Jogging elective course have been participating in a weekly challenge of filling out a 7-day exercise planner. The exercise planners are built to report activity on a daily basis. Each day, the student’s record their type of activity, duration, and any benefits they noticed that affected their personal health, ...more about OLS Students Use Weekly Exercise Planners with SMART Goals

Earth Week (and Beyond!) 2021

The Environment & Our Community course kicked off Spring Quarter with students participating in some exciting Earth Week 2021 sustainability and climate justice related activities through the BC Office of Sustainability. Events Virtually Attended: Culture Is Power: Reclaiming the Radical Imagination with Favianna Rodriguez:  Through case studies in migration, gender justice and climate justice, Favianna Rodriguez shared ...more about Earth Week (and Beyond!) 2021

OLS Student Podcasts

Even though students enrolled in our winter quarter elective Podcasts course were unable to make the annual trip to Jack Straw Cultural Center this year to record podcasts, they still got a virtual visit from Alyssa of Jack Straw for help with their podcasts. Students performed and recorded their podcasts over Teams. Take a listen ...more about OLS Student Podcasts

From Barista to Senior Product Manager: Nichole Tilbury Shares How She Uses Technology for Her Career

Our Computer Fundamentals class had a riveting community day activity involving guest speaker Nichole Tilbury from Starbucks Corporate. She spoke about her use of spreadsheets in her accounting background, as well as explaining the creative process, planning/organization techniques, and technology used in her current position as a Senior Product Manager in Food Innovation Delivery. Nichole ...more about From Barista to Senior Product Manager: Nichole Tilbury Shares How She Uses Technology for Her Career

OLS Alumni Earns Railroad Conductor Certificate

We recently caught up with Chris, OLS Class of 2019, and we are so excited to share that he completed Railroad Conductor Training in July 2020 through Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. "I learned the many different aspects of the railroad industry from the types of railroad operations (e.g., CTC, ABS, TWC) and knowing how to handle certain situations ...more about OLS Alumni Earns Railroad Conductor Certificate

Instrument Share Activity

Students enrolled in Music Appreciation participated in a fun activity sharing instruments during class. The students were tasked with finding the Instrument they wanted to share. Some students used Instruments they had as children, others chose to make an instrument. Our goal for this activity was to create sound and rhythm using instruments and for ...more about Instrument Share Activity