Online Program Curriculum

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Classroom Learning + Real-world Experiences

Our curriculum is meaningful and life-related. Class sizes are small and class time is longer than a typical college course in order to provide you more learning time and differentiated instruction. Throughout the program, you will apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world experiences.


OLSBC courses directly relate to work and life. Our scaffolded program reinforces learned concepts year after year.

Examples of OLS courses:

  • Personal Finance: Practice working with a
    personal budget and understand how to balance a bank account.
  • Citizenship: Learn how to advocate for yourself and your community and how local government operates
  • Workplace Readiness: Explore career interests, polish job interview skills and learn how to solve problems in the workplace.
  • Electives: Choose from a variety of courses such as Theater, Podcasts, Music Appreciation, fitness courses and more.
OLS Student sits at a desk in their home, learning online

Visit the Bellevue College website for a complete list of OLS courses and descriptions.

Community Activities

In every course, you will take part in a remote community activity directly related to your coursework.

  • Apply academic knowledge in a real-world setting
  • Learn about business operations and a variety of occupations
  • Learn networking skills and exhibit professional behaviors

Examples of Remote Community Activities:

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Your final two quarters are spent in a 200+ hour internship with a local business specific to your chosen career track. Every internship is unique and tailored to your strengths.

Remote business partners include:

  • Bellevue College eLearning
  • Seattle Jobs Initiative
  • Bellevue College Welcome Center
  • Eight Count Visuals
  • Enigma ASD Services
  • Best Made Video

Learn more by visiting our Internship and Employment page.

Last Updated April 20, 2023