This Club Has Not Chartered for the Current Academic Year

Japanese Culture Exchange Club

The BC Japanese Culture Exchange Club aims to be a meeting place between international Japanese students and domestic students. We hope to foster understanding and friendships between diverse cultures. At the JCEC you can expect to find not only friendly discussions, but other activities such as card games, paper crafts, movies, guest lectures and introducing each others’ cultures. We also plan and have fundraising events to support the October “Japan Week @ BC” event to bring Japan to our campus. Everyone is free to join our club meetings (see above for time and date.) Please stop by if you have any culture-related questions about Japan! You do not need to know any Japanese language to join.

Budget Disclaimer: Please note that the file in the attached link represents a snapshot of budget activity and may not reflect your most recent transaction. We do make every effort to keep these files as accurate as possible. If you find an inconsistency or have a question, please contact Chris Stoynov in our Funding and Travel office.

Last Updated April 15, 2019