This Club Has Not Chartered for the Current Academic Year


Philosophy Club provides an open forum for all students to engage with one another in the exchange of ideas and opinions. Club meetings are student-driven, with students in attendance setting a topic of conversation and pursuing it. Many topics are relatable, as they engage with common issues facing our society today. Other topics delve into the abstract, and engage people on a more academic level. One does not have to have prior experience in philosophy to partake in club activities. All are welcome!

Budget Disclaimer: Please note that the file in the link below represents a snapshot of budget activity and may not reflect your most recent transaction. We do make every effort to keep these files as accurate as possible. If you find an inconsistency or have a question, please contact Chris Stoynov┬áin our Funding & Travel office. The link to the file is visible when the club status is “chartered.”

Last Updated November 2, 2018