This Club Has Not Chartered for the Current Academic Year

Project UCAN

This club is based on the original project called ProjectUCAN. We are planning to have an event, which will give supplies and haircuts to the homeless. The event will be a sleepout in a designated area and while we advertise or set up this project we need to fundraise money and also collect food, clothes, tents, or sleeping bags.

The purpose of this club is to develop engagement in students lives as they are still continuing their academic career. Project UCAN is to show everyone that they can accomplish something if they put their mind to it, so that is what the club would like to emulate. While the members are doing individual projects leading up to the main goal: the sleepout, they can also become better versed in their society’s issues involving homelessness. Members also can pour their passions into the club such as helping others feel happier and include their own personal touches.

Last Updated October 11, 2018