Tips for Successful Meetings

Get more out of the time you spend in your club meetings!


Everyone should know the meeting’s purpose before it gets started

Come prepared to the meeting, especially if you are the facilitator

Do any needed research beforehand

Have an agenda and consider distributing it to participants before the meeting

State what you want to accomplish through the meeting

Practice good meeting etiquette:

Be on time!

Turn off all cellphones and avoid unnecessary interruptions

Be aware of the time and keep moving through the agenda

Avoid holding side conversations during the meeting

Stay until the end of the meeting OR let the group know before the meeting starts that you will need to leave early

Practice good communication skills:

Listen carefully

Be courteous and respect opinions

Offer suggestions and consider suggestions

Express yourself clearly

Summarize as needed

Include everyone

Close the meeting by:

Tying up loose ends

Assigning follow-up tasks

Summarizing decisions that were made

Schedule the next meeting (if needed)


Last Updated October 29, 2015