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The Office of Student Programs manages several programs providing educational, cultural/affinity, and co-curricular experiences. Students engaged in these groups work on campus through our office. These programs are funded by the Services & Activities (S&A) Fee. Learn more about S&A Fees at How Your Fees are Spent.

Note: Associated Student Government is an independent student organization that is the governing body of the students of Bellevue College. Executive Officers of ASG are advised by Student Programs staff.

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Looking for more ways to get involved? Check out the list below for other programs and resources from across Bellevue College. Many on campus units, departments, and programs also receive S&A Funds during the annual S&A budget allocation process. Learn more about S&A Fees at How Your Fees are Spent.

Note: If you are staff/faculty or a student leader of a unit, program, or department who wish to be added to the list, please contact

Last Updated March 8, 2021