Student Organizations Staff

ASG President

Amber Castaneda


The president ensures communication between the ASBC, the Board of Directors, college administration, and the college community at large and facilitates the work of the student government team.

ASG Vice President of Finance & Communications

Sylvia Huang


The vice president of finance and communications is responsible for the budget management and strategic planning for ASG. They meet with groups to discuss funding options, help students fill out the funding request form, and ensure the student government operates from a healthy financial position. This position also maintains open communications among the ASG and …more about ASG Vice President of Finance & Communications

ASG Vice President of Student Affairs and Pluralism

Atsuya Inomata


The vice president of student affairs and pluralism is a liaison between ASG and the Department of Equity and Pluralism, serving as a resource to the ASG Board of Directors on equity and pluralism issues, and promoting pluralism, fair practices, and equal access for all students to education and campus resources.

ASG Campus Life & Events Representative

Tyra Asmore-Barquet


The campus life and events representative serves as liaison between ASG, clubs and programs, and the Campus Activities Board to promote events and activities on campus.

ASG Chief Justice

Makoto Okuyama


The chief justice is responsible for the leadership and guidance of the Judicial Board, upholding the Associated Students of Bellevue College Constitution, Associated Students of Bellevue College Bylaws, and additional policies pertaining to the Associated Students of Bellevue College.

ASG Emerging Technology Representative

Chitalu Mumba


The emerging technology representative is responsible for ensuring technological resources are updated and available for student success and for assisting students who wish to pursue entrepreneurial projects while on campus. This representative chairs the Technology Fee Committee and also works closely with the Bellevue College Foundation, with the Director of Computing Services, and the Vice President of Information …more about ASG Emerging Technology Representative

ASG Environment & Social Responsibility Representative

Joedy Morrow


The environment and social responsibility representative facilitates environmental and socially responsible practices on campus.

ASG Marketing & Publicity Representative

Erika Lamothe


The marketing and publicity representative is responsible for overall ASG external communication — marketing ASG events, activities, goals, and projects, and assisting with public relations.

ASG External Legislative Affairs Representative

Sean Stuart


The external legislative affairs representative advocates students’ rights internally and externally using outward-reaching legislative systems.

Asian Pacific Islander Student Association Coordinator

Julian Campbell


The Asian Pacific Islander student association coordinator organizes and supports a diverse team to inform and educate the campus about Asian and Pacific Islander culture.

Association of Veterans Coordinator

Michael Cha


The association of veterans coordinator serves student veterans through educational awareness, hosting campus events, and by promoting other resources which help improve veterans’ academic success within a diverse multicultural environment.

International Student Association Coordinator

Nanako Kubo


The international student association coordinator organizes a number of events for the campus to share and explore the cultures of all the different countries our students come from.

OSLA Policy Coordinator

Abner Pagunuran


The policy coordinator analyzes state, county, and municipal levels of legislative affairs that are related to BC students and works to ensure that the OSLA team clearly represents BC student voices.

OSLA Community Relations Coordinator


The community relations coordinator builds relationships with BC students to foster enthusiasm about voting and interest in the legislature and legislative processes.

OSLA Local Legislative Liaison


This coordinator advocates for students at the local level, attending city and county council meetings as well as engaging in other activities.