Child Care

ELF-play yard

 The Bellevue College Early Learning Center

The Bellevue College Early Learning Center (ELC) offers an innovative model for combining family learning and quality childcare in a nurturing environment that encourages discovery, learning and development.

The Center provides:

  • A unique layout for enhanced security and safety on 22,000 square feet
  • Space for 190 children, ranging in ages three months to six years
  • Daycare for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
  • Learning space for students enrolled in BC Early Learning & Teacher Education, a program that gives “in the field” experience to BC students training to be child care providers
  • Learning space for BC Parent Education, a program offering classes and resources for new and experienced parents to help build a strong bond with their child.
  • Resources and services for families, including an on-site family advocate, placement for low-income families through Head Start services and family classes

Last Updated March 3, 2014