Computer Technology

Computing labs, electronic classrooms and specialized labs and facilities are located throughout the college. Access to labs, Internet access and student e-mail is available to all credit students who pay the college technology fee. Students who are seeking tutoring assistance can also utilize one of the many learning labs on campus.

With the growth of BC Information Technology (IT) and Digital Media Arts programs, many computer labs are designed with more advanced and specialized software and hardware, primarily located in the Northwest Center for Emerging Technologies Building.

Computer Lab Windows

Open Computer Lab in the N Building

BC’s largest and most spacious lab on campus, sometimes referred to as the N Lab, houses about 200 computers. Macintosh and PC platforms are available. Software used in BC classes are on most machines. The facility also has two high-speed printers and two scanners.


Library Media Center

BC’s Library Media Center (also known as the LMC) offers students traditional print resources as well as a Web-based catalog and newspaper indexes. Students may use computers at computer stations throughout the facility or use a laptop using Wi-Fi.


WiFi Access

BC supplements its wired network with WiFi capability throughout the campus. Students can use their wireless enabled devices to access the Internet from many locations, including the Student Union lounge, Library Media Center, Cafeteria, R Building lounges, and the Science Building.

Last Updated July 10, 2014