Introduction to Positive Discipline Class Will Be Offered Again in Fall Quarter, 2019

Due to the popularity of this class, we have already determined that it will be offered once again during the fall quarter of 2019.  Stay tuned for details!

This four-week Positive Discipline parenting course is for parents of children ages 1 through 12 who want to learn to parent with firmness and kindness, and be effective in teaching their child important social and life skills. Positive Discipline is a long-standing parenting program that teaches foundational parenting principles to guide your family through all stages of parenting. In this class, you will become equipped with practical tools and tips that can be implemented immediately as you begin to understand the root causes of much misbehavior. The course is designed to help you to be the powerful influencer in your child’s life.

For more information about this course, or to get on a list of interested parents, please call our Registrar at (425) 564-2365 or email our registrar at


Last Updated February 20, 2019