Sammamish Arts & Science Lab

For: Children 3-5 years old by August 31.


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Sammamish Art & Science Lab is a one day per week art and science enrichment class for children 3.5 to 5 years old, including Kindergarteners. The Lab class meets in the Pine Lake Cooperative Preschool classrooms and serves both co-op families and other Sammamish and Issaquah families looking for some guided science and art learning in the classroom and outdoors. Families enroll through the Pine Lake Co-op Registrar. Each week we offer a curriculum theme with a variety of creative art experiences and fun science experiments. Parents take turns as assistant teachers, often supervising the preparation and cooking of a snack, and attend scheduled parent education discussions.


What will your child experience in our class?

Children arrive for class in our cozy little school and choose from a number of early learning centers such as painting at the easel, squeezing and pounding play dough, measuring and pouring at the water table or dry sensory table, dressing up and pretending in the dramatic play area or working at the writing table as the whole class of children gathers.

At circle time children are introduced to a science or art concept using scientific or fine art vocabulary as well as demonstrations and inquiry-based discussion. The class has investigated concepts such as gravity, melting, dissolving and saturation; they have studied bugs, snails, leaves, and trees. During circle time children practice paying attention to the teacher, listening quietly and taking turns speaking. After circle children are invited to choose from themed experiments, art experiences and other learning centers according to their interests.

We have a large outdoor play area and often utilize it for experiments (volcano eruptions!) or art experiences (gravity painting!) that are best done outdoors. Every week we spend plenty of time running, swinging and riding trikes or scooters outside together. Fresh air and freedom of movement, solving problems and working together with friends are essential to healthy physical and social development for children. Before we say goodbye until next week, children and teachers gather together again to listen to a book, play a game or sing some songs.


What will you get out of our class?

Parents or registered adults sign up to take turns as assistant teachers in the Lab class, usually twice per session. As an assistant, you will bring a snack, often supervising preparation, cooking, and cleaning up. Assisting in the classroom gives you the opportunity to meet your child’s classmates, observe how she or he participates, and learn child guidance techniques by observing the teachers’ interactions with the children. Parents may also learn some science facts, make time to be creative or share their art or science expertise with the class.

Parents also attend regularly scheduled parent education lecture/discussion about parenting, family life and supporting your child’s growth and development. Parent education takes place once a month during class time. The opportunity to connect with other adults about parenting a young child is of great value as is exposure to various parenting resources and the expertise of a trained and experienced Parent Education Instructor. Parents need to arrange care for non-enrolled siblings on days they assist in the classroom and on parent education days, though babes-in-arms are welcome during parent education. Parents who are concurrently enrolled in a Pine Lake Cooperative Preschool class are not required to attend parent education in the Lab class because they attend their co-op class’ monthly parent education meeting.


Check out some photos from the Lab class on the Pine Lake Co-op Preschool Facebook page


Sammamish Art & Science Enrichment Lab Schedule for 2019-20

Class LocationItem#AgeDay & TimeContact
Sammamish Art & Science Enrichment Lab70453 1/2 - 5 years
(3 1/2 by start of session)
T 1:00-3:00pLauran
Note: Enrichment Program classes start in late September and run through May each school year.

Please note that class times, days, locations and tuition are subject to change. However, we do not anticipate changes at this time.


Pine Lake Community Club
21333 S.E. 20th
Sammamish, WA

Classes are held in Sammamish, but are also a great option for families from Redmond, Issaquah and Snoqualmie.

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Visiting / Observing a Class:

Check our home page for open house opportunities. You can also schedule a visit during a class meeting time, from October to May, by contacting the registrar listed on the schedule.

How to Register

Visit the Pine Lake Cooperative Preschool website for registration information


Last Updated May 25, 2019