Coronavirus Protocols

These are the proposed protocols for in-person classes in fall quarter 2021, as of 9/5/21. Subject to change based on current health recommendations.

COVID Vaccinations Required. Bellevue College requires students to be fully vaccinated – the immunization series is completed two weeks before attending class. This applies to all parents and adult caregivers who attend our classes. (Children are not yet eligible for vaccines.) Students will be asked to complete the college attestation form and attach documentation.

Masks. Indoors, masks are required for all adults and all children over the age of 5. Children ages 2 – 4 will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask. Outdoors, masking is recommended for unvaccinated people over age 2 who can’t reliably maintain distance from others.

Masks should fit well, without gaps, and be worn so they cover the nose, mouth, and chin.

Physical Distancing. Maintain 3 feet between adults and take steps to maximize distance between children, when possible. Increase ventilation and/or outside time.

Handwashing. Handwashing for 20 seconds upon arrival. Plus handwashing or sanitizing before and after: snacks, replacing a mask, using shared equipment, etc.

Health Checks. Students and staff must complete an health assessment before coming to class, for themselves and their children. Temperature checks should be done at home. For on-campus classes, use Off-site classes may use this online form ‎ or create their own form with similar content.

Shared Materials. Items that can’t be cleaned or disinfected between classes will be removed from the classroom. Procedures will be established for cleaning of shared items, such as scissors and markers.

Snacks. If snacks are included in class, they will be served by an adult onto individual plates. Children will be distanced when they remove masks to eat.

More Details (including Process to Respond to a Confirmed Case) are available in this document. COVID protocols for BCPE

If you have questions beyond these basic guidelines, refer to these sources for more details, or consult with the instructor of your class.

Last Updated September 10, 2021