Business is a multifaceted area of study, as it continues to quickly change and evolve to meet the demands of our fast-paced world. Regardless of what industry or career path you might choose,whether non-profit or for-profit, understanding the management of people and resources is a skill set that can be applied to aid in the betterment of our world.    

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Potential Careers

  • Accounting
  • Auditor and Budget Analyst
  • Business or Operations Manager​
  • Economist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Financial Analyst
  • Hospital Administrator ​
  • Hospital Manager
  • Lawyer
  • Marketing Analyst or Manager

Focus Areas


Accounting is often said to be the language of business. Accounting professionals do more than count receipts and bills as they focus on analyzing and measuring business activity, and turning that into actionable intelligence for decision makers. Bellevue College offers an array of programs from certificates and associates degrees, all the way up to a BAS in Applied Accounting.

Business Administration

Managers put their employees in the best possible position to succeed, while reviewing costs and future resourcing needs. Top-level management focus more on strategic direction and opportunities.

Business Analysis & Technology

The Business Analysis & Technology (BATECH) program prepares students for job titles such as program coordinator and data coordinator, positions that support and lead to careers in business intelligence and data analytics. Students from all disciplines benefit from taking a course in this program as all disciplines manage projects and use data to identify problems and advocate for solutions.

Business Intelligence

In this focus area the student learns advanced techniques for managing and analyzing data. Students gain understanding of how data management technology can be applied to solve business problems creating continuous improvement cycles at all levels of an organization.

Business Management

This pathway will allow students to develop a working knowledge of the basic functions of business, including accounting, entrepreneurship, economics, business law, finance, organizational behavior, human resource management, ethics and marketing.

Data Analytics

Data analytics utilizes statistics to predict what will happen in the future and it does require comfort with both math and programming. You will also need to have an interest in solving problems, as much of data analytics is looking through data to find insights. These skills are applicable to almost any industry so opportunities abound.

Digital Media Arts

This focus area provides students with the opportunity to gain fundamental skills in the application of digital tools to video, games, animations, design and graphics in a project-based, hands-on environment. A range of elective options supports individual educational and employment goals. Digital media appears in nearly all visual marketing, entertainment, and communication industries.


Economics is not just about money. Put simply, economics is about who produces what, who gets what, and what they do with it. By studying economics, you will better understand how you can help create the solutions that improve your own economic conditions and quality of life, as well as the economic conditions and quality of life created by the economy and for society as a whole.

Healthcare Management & Leadership

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Healthcare Management and Leadership is designed to prepare individuals to successfully compete for jobs that require knowledge of the healthcare system and supervisory or management skills. Graduates in this concentration will be qualified as managers and administrators in hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers.


Coupled with hands-on technology training for marketing software, students in Bellevue College’s marketing program are equipped with skills and experience that set them up for meaningful, well-paid careers that offer flexibility and continued growth. Instead of doing repetitive work, you are challenged to think like a detective, applying psychology to understand consumer preferences.