Transitional Studies

Transitional Studies

This pathway provides foundational skills that can open doors. We help you achieve your goals with support services designed with you in mind. We can help you improve your English language skills for personal, professional or academic goals. We provide various ways to earn your High School diploma or obtain your GED. We can also help build foundational skills such as English and Math as a gateway to other pathways.

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Focus Areas

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

This pathway offers a flexible program to meet the diverse needs of students needing basic skills to become more self-sufficient by offering courses to support students’ goals in transitioning to college classes, completing the GED®, or improving employment opportunities. Students will be able to function independently, participate more fully in a global economy, and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Career Education Options (CEO)

This program enables students (ages 16-21) to work toward their high school diploma, GED, or other professional-technical and AA-degree credential while receiving wrap-around services and support to help them succeed in their educational pursuits. We are committed to helping our students find that potential that will reconnect them to their individual path of success in education and career.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Bellevue College provides English language classes to students with a college or career goal. Students learn reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to develop communication skills for education and work. Successful students will participate in online classes and complete online work every quarter: fall, winter and spring; summer classes are optional.

English Language Institute (ELI)

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers its students a chance to learn and grow in their understanding of English, as well as the dynamic lifestyle and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Teachers challenge and encourage their students to succeed in a well-rounded academic program. The ELI promotes local and global citizenship by delivering high-quality English language instruction to prepare students for academic and professional success.

General Educational Development (GED)

GED® Test Preparation classes at Bellevue College are designed for students with well-developed reading skills to review and prepare for the four GED® tests, identify readiness to take the GED® tests based on in-class practice tests, and develop test-taking strategies and study skills.

High School+

The HS+ program offers a WA state high school diploma for those who are 18 years, or older. Students can combine previously earned high school credits, job trainings, and life experience with our curriculum to finish their coursework. Students must be 18+ years of age or older at the time of enrollment. Students can fit the HS+ around their schedule as classes are online.

Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST)

I-BEST is a nationally recognized program for English language learners and Basic Skills students who want to start college classes, earn college certificates in Business Computing or Accounting, learn workplace and job search skills, and gain confidence in English, study skills, and career readiness.

Language Integration Program (LIP)

This program enables students to learn academic English and work toward an AA degree, GED, high school diploma or professional/technical certificate while receiving wrap-around services and support in order to achieve their educational goals.