Yoga Instructor Certification

The Yoga Instructor Certification program at Bellevue College includes 15-credits of classes and internship to prepare students as qualified Yoga Instructors.

This program certifies students to teach Yoga in diverse settings based on the Yoga Alliance, 200-hour approved teaching standard curriculum as well as expanding on broader wellness coaching techniques.  Registered Yoga Teacher Certification is a credential sought by many employers; through the Yoga Alliance and and the Health Science Education and Wellness Institute at Bellevue College, our program and school is considered a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, program graduates should be able to:

  • Identify ethical and professional standards of the International Coaching Foundation
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the Yoga Alliance sequential instructional applications
  • Evaluate, summarize and paraphrase client-based information in a wellness plan
  • Demonstrate ability to manage and teach yoga classes with established safety parameters
  • Identify core strength, flexibility and posture benefits of yoga
  • Develop yoga class sequential lesson plans incorporating individualized routines for clients and groups.
  • Assess and analyze professional and personal skills required in the yoga profession
  • Analyze and reflect on yoga within a wellness plan

The Yoga Instructor Certification Program consists of 15 credits usually over two quarters.  Some classes may be available in other quarters. The student cohort for PE 148/149/280 begins in the Fall quarter.  Please meet with an advisor to discuss your academic plan and career goals Contact us.  For more information on how you can complete this program in two quarters – Fall and Winter – please see PE Certificate Programs.  Application for Completion of Certification that can be found at

Total Credits: 15

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Last Updated December 11, 2017