Outdoor Trip Planning Education

Interested in going on your own outdoor adventures though do not know where to start?

Picture of lake in the mountains

Follow these pre-trip-planning steps and be more prepared in no time!

Step 1 – Before You Go

  • Determine your goals and objectives? What, why, and with Who?
  • Learn about and respect the rules and regulations of Public Lands and Wilderness Areas.
  • Back country travel requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge.
    • PE 115 Hiking and Orienteering/ PE 116 Snowshoeing, will give you the tools and knowledge to get started hiking rain , shine or snow!

Step 2 – Research Your TripPicture of mountain scenery

  • Plan ahead by checking trail conditions with current trip reports! Always have a Plan B, C and D.

Step 3 – Packing for Success

Picture of mountain range


Last Updated January 12, 2015