Chess Club

Open to students, staff, faculty, and administrators of ALL skill levels, even those wanting to learn the basics.

Faculty advisor: Mark Storey, B200-C,  425-564-2118,

The BC Philosophy Department is delighted to work with the student BC Chess Club again winter quarter 2014. Anyone in the BC community is welcome to stop by Wednesdays 2:30-4:00, in C211 to play—or learn to play—chess. We have sets, so simply walk into the room and expect to have someone say, “Hey, wanna play a game?” Our resident chess Master, Harlan Lee, will drop by every now and then to offer lessons and advice, while I’ll be there to balanced out his expertise with my mediocrity (I lost my first 14 tournament games some years back, and have not gotten much better since then). 

The BC Philosophy Department is fully aware of the incredible studies produced in the last couple of decades linking critical thinking skills with a  developed enthusiasm for chess. Our department hopes that with increased interest and play of this most noble game that we can begin our own studies  exploring the relation of chess to memory, focus of attention, and deductive reasoning skills. 

Chess is no longer just for middle-aged white guys with no social skills. Walk by C 211 Wednesday afternoons and see the diverse array of people now drawn to this game. Seeing is believing! 

For more information, feel free to contact me, the club’s faculty advisor, at or 425-564-2118.

Last Updated February 4, 2014