Curriculum Vitae

Steven Merle Duncan


Tukwila, WA. 98168

(206) 248-0971

Birth date: January 12, 1954


 University of Washington (Ph.D. in philosophy, 1987 – Dissertation: Transcendence and Image: Austin Farrer on the Existence of God)

University of   Missouri/Columbia, Mo. (Fall, 1978-Spring, 1979)

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Ut. (M.A. in philosophy, 1978 – Thesis: Augustine on the Persons of the Trinity) 

University of Washington (B.A. cum laude in philosophy, 1976)

Highline Community College, Seattle, WA. (Fall, 1972-Spring, 1974)

Teaching Experience: 

Bellevue College (Fall, 1999 – present) Adjunct Assistant Professor

SeattlePacificUniversity (Fall, Spring 1997) Adjunct Professor

Shoreline Community College, Shoreline, WA. (Fall, 1991 to Spring, 1999) Assistant Professor

Pierce College, Tacoma, WA. (Fall, 1987-Fall, 1988) Assistant Professor

Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA. (Summer, 1988) Instructor

University of Washington, Seattle, WA. (Fall, 1986) Instructor

University of Washington, Seattle, WA. (Fall, 1985) Teaching Assistant – Comparative Religion Program

Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA.  (Fall, 1984) Instructor

Western Washington University Bellingham, WA.  (Spring, 1983) Visiting Assistant Professor Green River Community College, Auburn, WA.  (Fall, 1982-Spring, 1983)

University of Washington, Seattle, WA.  (Fall, 1979-Fall, 1984) Teaching Assistant – Philosophy

University of Missouri/Columbia, MO.  (Fall, 1978-Spring, 1979) Teaching Assistant –

Philosophy (with full supervision over own courses)

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.  (Fall, 1976-Spring, 1978) Teaching Assistant – Philosophy

Courses Taught 

Historical Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy

Contemporary Moral Problems

Informal Logic

Formal (Symbolic) Logic

Introduction to Ethics

Social Philosophy

Introduction to the Philosophy of Law

Introduction to Political Philosophy

Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion

Comparative Religion

Faith and Philosophy

World (Non-Western) Philosophy

American Philosophy

Papers and Conferences: 

American Philosophical Association, Seattle, WA, April, 2012, Session Chairman, Ethics – The Nature of Conscience. 

Society of Christian Philosophers, Worcester, MA, April, 2009, “The Strange Case of Dr. Deville, or Determinism and Rationality.”

 Northwest Conference on Philosophy, Bellevue, WA, Oct., 2004, “Plato on the Elenchus:

A Response to Professor Santana”

Society of Christian Philosophers, Spokane, WA, Mar., 2002, “Trinity and Incarnation”

Northwest Conference on Philosophy, Pullman, WA, Nov., 2001, “The Necessity of Divine Knowledge”

Northwest Conference on Philosophy, Boise, ID.  Nov. 1993, “Comments on Professor Hedengren’s Paper”

Northwest Conference on Philosophy, Seattle, WA.  Nov. 1992, “Comments on Professor Kidder’s Paper”

Conference on Austin Farrer: Free Will and the Future of Theology, Berkeley, CA, Jan. 1991,

“Experience and Agency” (subsequently published in Divine and Human Agency – see below.)

Northwest Conference on Philosophy, Ellensburg, WA, Nov., 1987 “Comments on Mr. Hudson’s Paper”

Participant, Seminar on Christianity and Natural Science, Madison, WI, July 6-15, 1986

Northwest Conference on Philosophy, Tacoma, WA, Nov. 1985 – “The Dream Argument”

Northwest Conference on Philosophy, Boise, ID., Nov. 1982 – “Descartes and Sense-Deception”


 Review of Christopher Yeomans, Freedom and Reflection: Hegel and the Logic of Agency. New York, Oxford University Press, 2012 in Review of Metaphysics, forthcoming. 

PhilPapers – I have uploaded forty papers to this website since 2010, three of which have been published in Seattle Critical Review, an online journal published by Philosophers on Holiday and five of which have been delivered to the annual POH symposium in Lake Wenatchee, WA.

How Free Will Works, Eugene, OR, Wipf and Stock, 2011.

The Proof of the External World, Eugene, OR, Wipf and Stock, 2008 – published in England by James Clarke & Co., 2009.

Contemporary Philosophy of Religion, Penrith, UK, Humanities e-Books, 2007 – available in paperback from the publisher.

Analytic Philosophy of Religion: Its History since 1955, Penrith, UK, Humanities e-books, 2006 –available in paperback from the publisher. 

Being, Truth and Knowledge: A Modern Protreptic with Selections from Plato and Descartes, New York, Thomson, 2004. (Custom Textbook)

 “Experience and Agency” in F. Michael McClain and W. Mark Richardson, eds. Divine and Human Agency, Lanham, Md., University Press of America, 1999, pp. 149-161.

A Primer of Modern Virtue Ethics, Lanham, Md., University Press of America, 1995.

Review of Stephen White, The Unity of the Self in Center for Theology and Natural Science Bulletin, Vol. 13, No. 2, Spring, 1993, pp. 27-28.

(W/Shawn Mintek), The Philosopher’s Calendar, 1993-95

Professional References:

Professor Paul Herrick

Shoreline Community College

Shoreline, WA 98037

Professor W. Russ Payne

Bellevue College

Bellevue, WA 98007

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