Tutorial Assistance

In cooperation with the Academic Tutoring Center located in the ACADEMIC SUCCESS CENTER  (room D 204) the Philosophy Department tries to provide tutorial assistance for students in Symbolic Logic (i.e., PHIL& 120, formerly PHIL& 106, Introduction to Logic), and to a limited extent, for students in Critical Thinking (i.e., PHIL& 115). Tutors are available when students have successfully completed a logic class and wish to assist others.

The tutor can also help in writing philosophy papers for other philosophy classes. Those students who are receiving a grade of C-, D, or F may sign up in D 204 for two hours of college-paid tutoring per week. Individual tutoring must be arranged IN ADVANCE with the tutor and is subject to the tutor’s availability.


There is a TUTOR REQUEST FORM that must be filled out by the student and signed by the instructor before students are able to make use of this tutorial opportunity.  For further information click on the Individual Tutoring link. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this service.

Students are also strongly encouraged to form study groups. Check out BC’s Tutoring Program’s web site for more information.   Students may also make private arrangements with the tutor for a fee to be agreed upon by the tutor and the student. See the tutor to determine if he is able and willing to provide private tutorials.

Last Updated June 1, 2020