We strive to create a vibrant campus community that supports a diverse student body, faculty and staff. As an essential part of our mission and goals, pluralism is promoted in all aspects of college life. By enriching student life through leadership opportunities, personal learning and cultural experiences, we are committed to building a pluralistic and diverse campus community that fosters creativity, innovation and student success.

Departments and Offices:

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This office supports and advances the College’s commitment to diversity and pluralism.

Disability Resource Center

DRC provides advocacy and classroom accommodations, including specialized materials, technology and equipment for students with disabilities.

Multicultural Services

This program provides support services to promote academic success for American students of African, Asian, Hispanic and Native descent. The programs have shown measurable success. Through special recruitment programs of the MCS office, total enrollment of students of color has gone from 11 percent in 1990 to 29 percent in 2004. The retention rate for students of color who have been through mentoring and tutoring programs is greater than that for the college as a whole. And 39 percent of BC’s 2004 graduating class comprised students of color, compared to 29 percent in the general student population.

Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is an all-encompassing federal law that prohibits gender-based discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funds.

Student Groups:

Campus Events

The events calendar provides details on in-person and virtual events.


Attend a conference and enjoy the opportunity to travel, meet leaders in the field and network!

Student Leadership Opportunities

Explore some of the unique student leadership opportunities across the campus.

Student Organizations

BC has a wide array of student organizations and clubs that focus on academic, cultural, and religious topics, among other subjects.

Employee Groups:

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are voluntarily formed and play a vital role in articulating, promoting, and supporting the diversity, equity, and inclusion goals of the college. Their primary focus is to develop and improve the campus climate by increasing the presence of diverse faculty and staff.

Diversity Caucus

Brings together students, faculty, administrators and staff to improve diversity on campus through mentoring, participation in decision-making groups, cultural celebrations and more.

Pluralism Committees and Governance

BC has 4 pluralism committees and the Pluralism Community Advisory Board to to provide oversight, direction and counsel to the Office of Equity and Pluralism.

Affirmations of Tolerance:

Affirmation of Inclusion

Bellevue College is committed to maintaining an environment in which every member of the campus community feels welcome to participate in the life of the college, free from harassment and discrimination. We value our different backgrounds at BC, and students, faculty, staff members, and administrators are to treat one another with dignity and respect.  (Adopted 1992)

Pluralism Compact

View the pluralism compact, the college’s commitment to maintaining an environment in which every member of the campus community feels welcome to participate in the life of the college, free from harassment and discrimination. (Adopted 2002)